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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Life Store

Imagine if we could pick out the exact life we wanted to lead from a store. There would be hangers of different lives, a hanger for the 'Adrenalin pumped' life which would make life adventurous, filled with travels all over the world, to the Antartic to watch the aurora borealis or to scuba dive in Seychelles, parajump or climb the Himalayas; the 'Elegant life' with a walk in wardrobe filled with Chanels and Diors, with evening tea parties, elaborate shopping sprees and London apartments; the ‘Diplomat’s life’ where one becomes an automatic leader of the country he/she chooses and has a strong say in issues that matter; the ‘Hippie’s life’ with not a care for the world, develop fads, adopt a religion to experience it for a while and then move on; a ‘Film star’s life’ complete with the paparazzi; the ‘Princess’s life’ with diamond tiaras, horse riding and playing ‘Queen of Hearts’ etc to name a few

One could choose goals for life as well and the life package could help one with that. It could help with improving one’s karma throughout life and help attain the higher self during this lifetime while learning the lessons this lifetime has to offer.

We could take loans or pay for the products in EMIs. We could exchange after 14 days if we wanted to lead another life.

Would have been fun..

If one is reeling under emotional or work stress, one could just go into the life store and pick out the life he/she’d rather be living for a while or change it for good. Mood lifts are guaranteed.

One could have bespoke lives carved out for themselves with a little bit of every type of life or one could be an archetypal. One could choose the country where one would like to belong or set up base. The life package would have already set everything in place! Of course the life store comes with *Conditions Apply

One wouldn’t be able to change his/her physical appearance or personality. The person remains the same. A good condition applicable! One ought to love thyself that much!!

The Life label..any takers??