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Monday, July 26, 2010

Just like that

I decided to start a blog for no specific reason. I'm no great writer nor do i have strong opinions on a subject.I did want to share my discoveries of the lesser known or 'less travelled to' but amazing parts of the country. My travels have taught me lessons, made me discover the place from a whole new angle and given me beautiful memories.

I'm a big foodie and a shopaholic who's been on a 'Shopping diet' for a long time now since i left my full time bank and PR job. My current work as a consultant has taken me to the remotest corners of a state, one otherwise wouldn't plan on for a trip or vacation. I discovered remote fashion capitals, beautiful beaches and met wonderful people along the way...I hope i can keep up with this.


  1. Its Work and Play together!!!

    Lovely to join you here, and see these amazing places "with you". Looking forward to more such experiences..

    Way to go girl!!!

  2. thanks a ton Sharon!!would love to share my journeys with u!!